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Real Estate

Meroniwas.Com offers you various services concerning your real estate property. We help you to sell, rent, or build your real estate properties - houses, apartments, offices, flats, and lands, in Nepal. Our personalized property promotion techniques will help you to sell or rent your property within a short period of time. We provide special and relevant property details to buyers, investors, and other real estate agents.

Interior Design and Decoration

Interior Design
  1. Custom Interior Designing and Decoration of a House, Apartment, Office, Bank, Restaurant, Hospital, and Others
  2. 3D Conceptual Design and Blue Print Reviews
  3. Remodeling, Renovation, Furnishing, and Decoration
  4. Bathroom Designing, Decoration, and Remodeling
  5. Dining Room Designing, Decoration, and Enhancement
  6. Kitchen Designing, Decoration, and Improvement
  7. Living Room Designing, Decoration, and Enrichment
  8. Office Room Designing, Decoration, and Development

Home Building & General Contracts

Home Building
  1. Custom home building and General Contracts
  2. Build residential homes, commercial buildings, green homes, housing developments
  3. Interior and exterior, home remodeling and renovation
  4. Bidding on residential and commercial projects
  5. Planning, developing, and coordinating building and structures
  6. We plan how to carry out and complete the project regarding all laws

Remodeling Services & Supplies

Remodeling Services
  1. Home improvement, remodeling, renovation, and repair
  2. Improve and renovate the interior of your home and structure
  3. Redesign exterior of your building, build pools, extend existing outdoor and indoor play systems
  4. All home renovation services and supplies at reasonable prices
  5. Remodel houses, landscape designs & architecture, and outdoor properties
  6. Custom glass design and installation of product variety (safety glass, frosted glass, laminated glass, and tinted glass)

Outdoor Services & Systems

Outdoor Services
  1. Outdoor construction and build outdoor utility systems
  2. Build custom swimming pools, ponds, fountains
  3. Design and install fences, gates, and railings of wood, PVC, aluminum, steel
  4. Build classic and natural gardens, nursery, and landscape designs
  5. Build custom outdoor deck, patios, lounge areas, kitchen, dining, living room in your garden or terrace
  6. Build residential garage and driveways